Tuesday, March 23, 2010

American Craft - Thicker Font Equivelant

These are some font equivalents that I came across on Scrapbook.com that I though I would share.

American Crafts equivalent fonts:BY THE YARD: “Dekoria Pro” fontshop.com (not free)
BEWITCHED: “Greenbriar AEF180” fonts.com (not free)
CHIT CHAT: “Frankfurter Medium” fonts.com (not free)
CHIT CHAT: very similar to "Eurofurence" dafont.com and "Chewy Stewy" kevinandamanda.com
CHLOE (stickers): “Affair” veer.com (not free)
CINNAMON: “Helvetica Rounded Bold” fonts.com (not free)
CUPID: “Market Deco” dafont.com
DAIQUIRI: “Akzidenz-Grotesk BQ Condensed” myfonts.com (not free)
DAIQUIRI: very similar to “Arial Narrow” Microsoft Word
DARLING: very similar to “Creampuff” fonts.com
DELIGHT: “Bree [Bold]” fontshop.com (not free)
DOLCE: “Arial Narrow [Bold]” Microsoft Word GIGGLES: “CT Mercurius Std Black” (NOT FREE)
GLASS SLIPPER: “Fairy Tale” veer.com (not free)
HAT BOX: “Machine Script” dafont.com
JACK (rub ons): “Chalet Paris 1960” houseind.com (not free)
JEWELRY BOX: “Whoa Nelly NF” fonts101.com
LEG WARMERS: “Cooper Black” Microsoft Word
LETTERMAN: “Princeton Normal” fontemple.com
LULLABYE: "Mahogany Script" fonts.com (not free)
MIRROR MIRROR: “Alpengeist JF” myfonts.com (not free)
PLATFORM: very similar to "CarnivaleE Freakshow" 1001fonts.com
PLAYROOM: "Triplex Sans Bold" myfonts.com (not free)
POOLSIDE: “FontleroyBrown” urbanfonts.com
RAINBOOTS: very similar to “Freestyle Script” Microsoft Word
ROCKETEER: “Chinon MN” fonts.com (not free); very similar to “Magneto” Microsoft Word
ROOTBEER FLOAT: "Howser" kevinandamanda.com
SPRINKLES: “Chowderhead” fontdiner.com (not free)
SUBWAY: "Arial” Microsoft Word
TIARA: very similar to “Candice” linotype.com
UMBRELLA: "Pagan Poetry" dafont.com
VENUS: “Boxer Script JF” jawarts.com (not free)
VERA: “Chalet London 1980” houseind.com (not free)

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